Friday, August 31, 2007

TU Alumni on Front Page of Daily Candy!

Annie Chau owner and operator of Imogene was selected for the front page of The Daily Candy today! Horray and congrats, Annie!

Here is a screen shot from the day Annie was invited by Etsy to curate the front page. Beautiful selections, Annie.


annie said...

wow! thank you jan!!!
i think this is the most exciting press i've received thus far!

a "fact checker" even called to speak to me on wednesday!

making daily candy was on my list of "five year goals" -no joke CHECK!

see you all at the sexy party!

annie said...

oh and on etsy-
i curated a treasury that day and the etsy admin picked it from the treasury pool to be on the front.
you can do it too! when there is a treasury spot open, go ahead and make your own list.
for tips on how to make a front-page potential treasury, feel free to e-mail me!