Monday, November 23, 2009

SNAG Conference Student Work Exchange

Coping Skills- Right After Thanksgiving

Coping Skills
Walk-In Clinic
Tuesdays: December 1, 8, 15

3:30-5:00 p.m.
Counseling Center (Glen Esk)
The Coping Skills Walk-In Clinic will present concrete tips on a variety of coping topics, and work specifically with the students who arrive each week to identify problems and help improve their coping strategies. Some common coping issues are: Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, Worry, and Panic Attacks; Improving Time Management; Stopping Procrastination; Effective Study; and Planning for Success.
The Coping Skills Walk-in Clinic will continue weekly in Spring 2010—dates/times/location TBA.
To sign up: Contact the Counseling Center at (410) 704-2512.
For more information: Ask for Dr. Greg Reising or Dr. Nancy Hensler.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Student Scholarships!

This year's conference for the Society of North American Goldsmiths [SNAG] is in Houston. The organization works hard to support students. If you are interested in a student scholarship let me know ASAP! Beginning students, don't be shy. Many students have attended the conference in the past- talk to the juniors, seniors and super seniors.....the conferences are great fun. We were a little late in trying to secure these last year....let's get in front of it!

Imagination, America's Edge

Tom Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, talks about the role of imagination in this age of globalization and America's future: America — with its open, free, no-limits, immigrant-friendly society — is still the world’s greatest dream machine.

Books by Friedman:
The Lexus and the Olive Tree
The World is Flat
Flat, Hot and Crowded

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Material: Gold

This image probably looks familiar to some of the advanced students as well as some students in the casting class- ingots or cast bars of metal, in this case gold. Melting metal into a "blank" to begin making other forms of metal from: sheet, wire, grain, solder, etc.

It is interesting to look at the diverse dimensions associated with materials. Where materials come from, how they are obtained and who wants them. Historically, how they are valued, how they have been used over time, and evolving associations.

Many art making materials are extracted from the earth which is good in one way: these materials are not synthetic or chemically made; materials which are closely handled as artists tend to get down and dirty with their materials. Materials extracted from the earth can also have a down side. Extraction industries such as metal mining destroy entire mountain tops in the pursuit of material creating myriad damage and destruction in the process.

The New York Times today looks at gold through the lens of the global issue of economic instability. It is an integral lens with which to examine the things we make, the materials we use, and the things we make out of gold.