Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Open Source Imagination

Check out this article on Open Source Manufacturing. For my Designing for Production class: it touches on branding.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Euphoria Project

Check out The Euphoria Project by local filmmaker. I am cleaning up piles of stuff and came across notes about this film. I saw it a few years ago. It plays locally and is worth your look.
Happy Trails!

Clothing + Digital Technology

In the Design Like You Give A Damn Course this semester, Sherri had an idea to somehow "tag" people with drunk driving records in an effort to protect the greater good. Check out W-41, a clothing company based in the Netherlands combing digital technology and clothing. Here's a link to an article.Be.On.The.Edge. Know what is going on in your world.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I want to travel around the world,
drink coffee with my heroes,
sleep in a hammock &
build campfires under the stars.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

David Rockwell/The Rockwell Group

This past semester some of you asked for my opinion about brands or your notions of branding. I came across this article in last week's Business Week on David Rockwell. Rockwell is pretty interesting, I think you'll enjoy his story. I first learned of Rockwell's work at an international design conference. I greatly admire the work of The Rockwell Group. Check it out.

Eye Candy

Animal Collective's website.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am finding lots of great design research in some of your sketchbooks that I want to share. Megan Pase found Marimekko. Check it out. Thanks, Megan.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short Term Interns Wanted for ACC Baltimore

From the ACC website:

Short Term Interns Wanted!

The American Craft Council needs interns for one week to assist with the 33rd annual American
Craft Council Wholesale and Retail Show in Baltimore, MD, February 24- March 1, 2009.

Baltimore is the American Craft Council’s largest show featuring more than 700 exhibitors and
25,000 attendees. If you are a student of craft, design, or the arts, don’t miss this fantastic
opportunity to gain first-hand experience setting up and conducting show operations, working with
makers and artists, exhibitors, wholesale and retail audiences.

Background: The American Craft Council is a national, nonprofit educational organization
dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. Through
our 6 juried craft shows across the country, our specialized library, and a roster of programs,
symposia, seminars, and conferences, The Council is the leading voice for crafts in America,
celebrating the remarkable achievements of the many gifted artists working in the media of clay,
fiber, glass, metal, wood and other materials.

Internship: The internship is a one-week internship, totaling approximately 85 hours that will run
from Sunday, February 22- Sunday, March 1, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. All work will be
performed at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD during the Council Show.
Responsibilities will be related to all facets of the necessary operations of the show.
The ideal candidate will have a background in art, art history, craft or media studies, design or
exhibition related field(s) and an enthusiasm and ability for working in a fast-paced, hands-on

Interns will work closely with Council Show Staff, playing an integral role with the following:

• Assisting Council show staff with Exhibitor Check In
• Assisting with Council office setup and maintenance
• Interacting with artists, makers, and exhibitors
• Disseminating exhibitor correspondence through out the week as needed
• Assisting show manger and show director with show operations as needed

Stipend: This is a non-paying internship. Interns selected who will be coming from outside the
Baltimore area will receive meal stipends and discounted rates on hotels in the area.

Eligibility: College student (junior year or above) or graduate level and above.

Application: Internship applicants should send or email –
• A brief statement describing your qualifications and interests
• Letter of recommendation from a professor
• A resume detailing prior academic and work experience

There are additional opportunities to apply for similar show internships at upcoming Council
Shows. For additional information, please contact Monica Hampton directly.

Applications and all other inquiries should be sent to
Mhampton@craftcouncil.org or to
Monica Hampton, Director of Education
American Craft Council
72 Spring Street, 6th Floor, NY, NY 10012
Fax: 212.274.0650

Deadline: All applications must be received by January 30, 2009. A decision will be made by
the first week in February.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This year's Design and Social Entrepreneurship class will be hosting Design.Vend/SocialsnACTS, an end-of-semester event showcasing the work students did over the semester. Student research projects include: fair trade, childhood obesity, learning disabilities, culture jamming, gratitude, overconsumption and excess packaging/trash, the instant gratification impulse of American society, and much more.

Come to Design.Vend/SocialsnACTS on Tuesday, December 16, Wednesday, December 17, and Thursday December 18th from 11am-1pm in the second floor atrium to experience- as the students wrote it- an exhilrating, looping, inverting social activist ride is a high speed experience! You'll make a complete socially aware loop before returning to earth!!

On site will be a vending machine dispensing student projects as well as roving displays for projects that don't fit into the vending machine.

Please join us for a very creative event!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Art Deadlines

Art Deadlines lists all kinds of exhibition opportunities, conferences/workshops....and more. It is indispensable. Check it out.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Adbusters, check it.

Graffiti Research Lab

I am in the throes of the end-of-semester grading. You all did some great work this semester! Thank you! It makes a huge difference to me. Teaching is WORK but when you all do interesting creative things, it makes it more worthwhile. I am going to post some links that you all didn't post on your individual blogs. I will try to give you credit.

Brenda Nickerson discovered the Graffiti Research Lab in her social design research. Check it out. Bookmark it. Thanks, Brenda.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Christmas Carol=Self Publishing

I heard this week on NPR that Charles Dickens had to self-published A Christmas Carol when he wrote it. And it has forever affected the way we experience the holiday. Believe in yourselves.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Biologic Exhibition

Check out SIGGRAPH.

We are now accepting submissions for a forthcoming special issue of Leonardo. The issue will feature SIGGRAPH 2009 Art Papers and the SIGGRAPH 2009 Juried Art Gallery, “Biologic: A Natural History of Digital Life.”

Submission deadlines are at 22:00 UTC/GMT
Art Papers, Thursday, 8 January 2009
BioLogic Art, Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Submission details available online:

Contact information:

Silver Competition

Check it out at Design Boom.

Emerge at Heidi Lowe Gallery

Emerge is an online exhibition of emerging artists at the Heidi Lowe Gallery, Innovative Jewelry Studio. Check it out.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Public Domain and Internet Culture

Heard an interesting spot on Brooke Gladstone's On The Media today (WYPR, Sundays 2-3pm for local listeners) on copyright which all artists ought to be knowledgeable about. She hosted author James Boyle talking about his new book The Public Domain. Testing the openness of the internet culture he offers his book both through Amazon as well as on his website via a free download. Check it out.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Red Light District Project/Amsterdam

Last post for the night. I didn't realize or think about that many cities around the world have Red Light Districts. I have watched Sex Workers documentaries but besides that I haven't given it much thought. I was in Amsterdam as an undergraduate and visited the RLD then out of curiosity. When I was locating a place to stay in Edinburgh, Scotland, I learned they have a RLD. Interesting. I didn't know. One of my favorite projects from Amsterdam is the Red Light District Project. Art jewelers were selected to set-up studios in the red light district in an attempt to shrink and take back portions of Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District. Uli took us to see the street where these artists were located at about 1am on a Saturday night which was perfect....an authentic exprience. We didn't actually get to see Ted Noten's door in operation but what I understand is that he adopted/adapted the automateik [sp?] format and installed such an object in the door way of his RLD studio. In each of three slots is a ring that people pay $2.5 euros for. Above the slots is written, "Make her happy, buy her ring". Love it. On opening night there were so many people in the RLD for the "wrong reason" that the regulars got pretty angry. Things were tense. There were police. Of course Droog is part of the organizing team.
Learn. Live. Learn.
Find things that make your heart beat faster.

The Jerwood Prize + Lin Cheung

Take a look. Innovative Craft is currently exhibiting this year's Jerwood Prize winners. I loved Lin Cheung's work.
Bookmark these sites. Visit periodically.

Brazen in Glasgow

I told some of you about Brazen in Glasgow. They were by far one of my favorite things about Glasgow, well, in terms of art and culture at least. [There was a TERRIFIC little bar and not-so-llittle restaurant around the corner that I insist anyone visit: Cafe Gandolfi.] I can't quite find Brazen's true webpage right now and my images aren't downloaded yet.....but here is a link to some press on Brazen. Recent grads from the Glasgow School of Art. And in making this post, I learned that Marianne Anderson is the Director. Figures. I love her work too.
Check them out.

More Than Hip/Sustainable Goods

More Than Hip was at Dutch Design Week in October in Eindhoven. I was familiar with many of the products they represent. You might want to know about them.....

Fashion With Respect/Amsterdam

For the social designers, in Amsterdam I found a store selling Fashion with respect for people and planet. Check them out.

Fair Trade Coffee

Since I have really not kept up with the blogs this semester and people are asking about my trips to The Netherlands and Scotland
, I am just going to trickle info out on this blog. Here are a few easy ones.... For my social design students, while visiting the University of Dundee in Scotland, I found a little fair trade coffee shop and through them learned about Capstone Project. And I was reminded of my friend Arthur Hash.

"There is no crying in jewelry"

I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I love teaching and my students so much. I think most would say they like it and yes it has its drawbacks. I am enjoying checking blogs this wintery Saturday evening. And I came across a photo of the whiteboard in the studio on Ms. Jaxxon's blog: "there is no crying in jewelry". To which I am compelled to respond: of course jewelers cry, how do you think we get through making these magical, heart pounding, wonderful objects? Just don't get your tears on the tools....there is salt in your tears.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skecthbook Project, Vol. 3

Check out the Sketchbook Project, Volume 3, over at Art House. Art House aims to build art projects and communities. For this project, they send you a small sketchbook, which you fill and send back to them. They then take the sketchbooks on a 6 city gallery/museum tour. The theme is "Everyone we know".
It costs $18 to participate, which isn't too bad. And if you send a self addressed stamped envelope, they'll send you back your sketchbook.
Their previous skecthbook projects got press in magazines like Good, Juxtapose, and Readymade.
The deadline to send in your completed sketchbook is Feb. 15 2009, so if you sign up now, you'll have plenty of time!
Check out some of their other projects here.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"heads are round so that ideas may change direction"
Francis Picabia
[Who was HE?]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Variable Credit Courses Alert!

The following courses have a credit range of 2-3 credits:
ART 414/415/416-Advanced Studio;
ART 490/491/492-Internship;
ART 614/615/616-Graduate Studio.
Please remind select ‘2’ or ‘3’ credits before you complete online registration.

Design Species

Here is a link to Design Species which I mentioned to some of you: upcycled, convertible clothing plus many other cool objects/projects. I got to know Daniela and David when I was in Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week. I bought a great tyvek purse from Design Species which I will put in one of our display cabinets. I promise I will post images from DDW and start talking about much of what we learned abotu while there......last week was getting back on track and this week is flying by.

Check out Design Species. Pass the word.

Advising Reminder

This is the last week of academic advising appointments for spring 2009. Sign-up sheets are by my office door, CA 4019. Sign Up! Be a Metals major:)

Powder Coating-Thanks, Megan!

Big shout out to Megan Auman. Thanks for the great demo, boot and all.
Thank you, thank you!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More calls for entry

DEADLINE: Mon, November 24, 2008
A Holiday Exhibition featuring fine artwork in all media priced for sale at $150 or below. Open to fine artists in all media. 80/20 spolit on sales. Exhibition: December 4-14; delivery of work: November 21-24. Prospectus: Columbia Art Center Galleries, 6100 Foreland Garth, Columbia, MD 21045, 410-730-0075, or art.staff@columbiaassociation.com .
Contact: Columbia Art Center Galleries | 410-730-0075 | | art.staff@columbiaassociation.com

DEADLINE: Wed, December 03, 2008
The Inaugural Small Works Invitational Exhibition sponsored by Elon University. Open to all artists 18+. Accepted artists will receive an invitation to participate. Size limitations: All artwork should be no larger than 100 square inches (width x height), including an optional mat or frame. Three-dimensional work must be ready to hang with instructions, floor and pedestal pieces welcome. All works will be exhibited, though Elon University reserves the right to make curatorial decisions concerning subject matter. While Elon University will exercise the utmost care in handling your objects, we will not be responsible for lost or damaged work through the shipping process. Entries Rec'd: December 3. Installation: December 5.Opening Receptio: January 5. De-installation and works returned: January 28. Entries must be received by December 3rd. Please mail to: Minature Art Invitational, Michael Fels, 2810 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244. Return service will only be provided for artists who supply a SASE. No money orders or postal vouchers please. Work(s) may be hand delivered by December 3rd to Arts West Building, 406 West Haggard, Elon, NC, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm. Please contact Michael Fels (mfels@elon.edu , 336.278.5597) to schedule a drop off time. Hand-delivered works must be picked up in the gallery on January 28th between the hours of 9am-5pm. Each work must have a label attached to the back/bottom with artist's name and title (also address, phone, e-mail and medium).

Contact: Michael Fels | 336-278-5597 | | mfels@elon.edu

Call for Entry

DEADLINE: Wed, December 31, 2008
Earth’s Journey is a new online gallery for the Eco-Artist. If you use recycled, upcycled and/or environmentally friendly materials to art, you can enter. No fees to register. Show art online 24/7. 30% commission, of which 10% goes to charity. Questions: Tina Santillo, earthsjourneyts@yahoo.com.
Contact: Tina Santillo | | | earthsjourneyts@yahoo.com

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Powder Coating Demo-October 30th

Don't forget, Megan Auman will be giving a powder coating demo October 30th at 7:00 in 2006. It's going to be cool.

Monday, October 20, 2008

National Design Week

RISD just sent me their e-newletter thing, which had this listed. The Cooper-Hewitt doesn't have a link yet for the podcast that I could find, but it sounds like it will be really interesting!

As part of National Design Week (October 19-25), Scott Stowell '90 GD will join other 2008 National Design Award winners in discussing the state of contemporary design. He and his NY studio Open won in the Communications Design category, while Deborah Berke BArch '77 was a finalist in the Interior Design category. The panel discussion takes place on Tuesday, October 21 at 6:30pm at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC and will be podcast live.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Spring Courses

Courses Offered Spring 2009
ART 118, Metals + Jewelry for Non-Art Majors, M, 10 am- 1:50 pm
ART 118, Metals + Jewelry for Non-Art Majors, W, 6- 9:50 pm
ART 218, Intro to Metals + Jewelry, W, 1- 4:50pm
ART 218, Intro to Metals + Jewelry, F, 10- 1:50pm
ART 418.001, Metals + Jewelry II, T/TH 9:30 am-11;20am
ART 313.001, Enameling I, T/TH, 2-4pm
ART 413.001, Enameling II, T/TH, 2-4 pm
ART 490.050, Internship
ART 499.050, Honor's Project

*ART 497.050, Senior Project
  • Depending on the number of people, I would be willing to consider scheduling a custom meeting time that works with all students' schedules time to better address the needs of this course. Right now the course is scheduled for T/TH 2-4pm.

Gocco! and Gocco Supplies

Art Things, art supply store in Annapolis sells Gocco Supplies. Art Things 2 Annapolis Street, Annapolis (410) 268-3520.

Pearl Paint in NYC also sells Gocco suplies.

If any one finds either of these places selling a blue film- necessary for
exposing your screens, please buy 2 or 3 and I will pay you back. These get lost and are essential to exposing your screens.

Check it Out
There was a Save Gocco web link which I can't seem to find easily this morming. Click here for one link to a blog. Also Google Save Gocco and you will find a NY Times article last year/two. Also check out Etsy for lots of products that use gocco. Flickr Site for Save Gocco

Get Gocco Fever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Janet Huddie Opening/Heidi Lowe Gallery- Road Trip

Janet Huddie has a solo show opening at the DCCA [Delaware Center for Contemporary Art] on Friday, November 7th from 5-9pm. The DCCA is an interesting place with post-graduation opportunities. [Whitney Marsden, alumn '07, is currrently running the retail space at the DCCA.] Janet's work looks gorgeous.....please go out an support Janet, our program and faculty, and art jewelry.

And while you are driving to Delaware, why not "swing by" Heidi's gallery in Rohobeth, Delaware and see her show and gallery?

JacquƩ says: Road Trips are fun.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A great place to stay in NYC!

I totally recommend the Chelsea Star Hotel located outside of Chelsea and close to Madison Square Garden.
This hotel/hostel is super funky and around $30 a night for dorm style beds. They also offer hotel rooms and apartments for nightly rates.
Find more info @

Jackson Pollock and Marcel Duchamp featured on Ovation TV

If I remember correctly, last semester Pollock and Duchamp came up a few times on various listservs as people who are hacks in the art world. So, in the spirit of investigation, it might be cool to check out their various biographies that are going to be featured on the Ovation TV channel this month. I personally feel that their contributions to the art world have been immense and profound.

"The Secret of Marcel Duchamp" will be featured tomorrow at 8 and 11 on the Ovation channel.

Jackson Pollock's biography will be featured on October 22, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm, and October 23, 3:30 am (ok, so its not primetime!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Very Own Liz Steiner

Liz is having an opening on the 4th floor of the Center for the Fine Arts. There is a small MFA gallery space across the hall form the door to the office suite up there. It is this Thursday, October 16th from 5- 6:30pm. Please come out and support our atomic rabbit.

Towson Innovations Lab in Second Life

Tonight I got my first glimpse behind the scenes at the soon-to-be-public Towson Innovations Lab island in Second Life. Here is a picture. After checking out our island, I looked up our location on the map and we are interestingly next to University of Delaware. A group of us went and Caitlin Foxtrot found a great underwater aquarium [?]...here are some photos. And I relocated my SL office hours to the beach at the University of Delaware [until I can create a nice beach-side location with waves on our island]. We all went surfing which was actually really fun! Join us Monday evenings in SL...except next Monday I cannot make it.....See you in-world on Monday, October 27th.
Ruby Snook

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So here's a question/topic for all of you out there...

Do you consider yourself a Jeweler? a Maker? a Designer? an Artist? a Craftsperson?
What do you think the differences are between those? Do you feel like you fit into multiple categories or not fit in to any of those? How would you introduce yourself?

Comment away! Or find me and talk in person too.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Watch This.

This is an audio podcast from Etsy on Bruce Metcalf.
I think you will all enjoy this.
Let me know.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Openings, Openings, Openings- This Weekend

Friday, October 10
Iris Bodemer at Jewelers' Werk in DC

Saturday, October 11
Matter of Degree, digital photo show of Bridget Sullivan's work at Load of Fun, 5:30-7:30pm.
Load of Fun is a great arts space on North Avenue at Howard Street. Go!

Impressions, an exhibition of art jewelry by Heidi Lowe at the Heidi Lowe Gallery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, 6-9pm.

See some art this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Powder Coating Demo Rescheduled!

Megan Auman, our visiting lecturer on powder coating, has a stress fracture in her right foot. She requested a reschedule of this demo. New date: Thursday, October 30th, 7pm.
Please change your calendars so you don't miss it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

[pie]roManiacs Party

[pie]roManiacs Party!
Thursday, September 25th, 7:30pm
Center for the Arts, 2006

fruit pies
moon pies
sweetie pies
pizza pie
whoopie pies! My favorite.
boston cream pie
pot pie
Bring a Pie!

Suzi and Sherri will talk about their internship experiences with the Giardini Studio. Taylor will talk about his internship experience at Hasboro. Lizzy will talk about San Francisco and her visit to Velvet daVinci gallery. People who took workshops at Peter's Valley will talk about their Adventures in Metal. Current students want the grads and alumni to bring work. Everyone: bring work you made or get a pie in the face! We will also bring books we read/ordered and want to read to share.
It's your party..
Open to all, required for students enrolled in Metals + Jewelry courses.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Anthony Tammaro

Anthony Tammaro, our current CAD instructor, got his BFA from the University of the Arts, and his MFA from Temple University, both in Philadelphia. The inspiration in terms of form behind Tammaro's recently completed thesis work comes from "jellyfish and cephalopod like creatures". All of the work is RP'd and Tammaro uses the process in combination with material choice to further reference his inspiration. This body of work was photographed within the context of "an unusual fantasy environment", the work, while dynamic on its own, is given a richer story by being placed in these evocative settings.
It's very cool.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Reason to Join ACMETL Listserv- Job Opps!

Another good reason to join and participate in the ACMETL Listerv. See previous post for a link to the join page.

TU's Copyright Resources Page


Marcel Wanders + FastCompany

For those of you sometimes unsure about the things I am asking you to look at and read.....Marcel Wanders is gracing the cover of this year's Masters of Design issue of FastCompany. Check it out. I hope those of you who did research on him last year feel ahead of the curve, like, "yea, I know who that is, and some of what he does, and some of how he thinks." Those of you who have taken my classes know I love Fast Company magazine [and recommend Fast Company's greatest Hits- its a feel good esp. Bill Strickland's essay]. It is a magazine that is about today's world from many angles. Design is covered in almost every issue if not every issue. Whether you like Marcel Wanders or not [we rarely like everything about other people] he is worth understanding. PLEASE, check it out.

NYC Logistics-Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Folks,
Our NYC Trip is this Saturday, September 27th!
Hooray! We are going to see all kinds of great stuff and have a great time together.

See Project Object, http://objectdesign.blogspot.com/, blog post on Friday, September 19th for what to see on our trip.

I created a Google Map for our NYC trips: JGrrrrl’s Guide to NYC .
There is more to do than we can in one day so we will have top pick and choose.

Please read the following post in its entirety.

Please confirm, at your earliest convenience, your participation in this required event via one of my email accounts. I prefer you to use: jangrrrrl@gmail.com.

On Tuesday, September 23rd, bring a check made out to Superior Tours. Don’t fill in the amount yet. I am negotiating a price with Superior Tours- the more people that go, the better the rate.

To Charter A Bus?
In talking with the folks at Superior Tours, if we have between 41-44 people we can charter a bus with each ticket coming out to around $50. The more people that go- max is 54- the lower the fares. [If we got 54 people the fare would be $40.] According to my count we have about 22 people going. Some of you have asked about bringing friends…if we open this trip up I think we could charter the bus but it would be dependent on us to then fill it or cover the cost. So, by Tuesday at the latest, let me know if you will bring someone(s) with you. I have notified the grads so if other grad students want to come, they can grab seats also. First Come First Serve.

The downside to bringing friends is that your attention will be diverted from what I am directing your attention to, what your peers are thinking, and conversations between you and your colleagues in the program. Be aware of this and attempt to not let this slip away. Integrate your friends into the day and conversations rather than just hang out with them. A good example, is Katy’s mom. Katy’s mom loves to come on our field trips but she does so b/c she wants to learn and interact around the things that we are seeing.

If we can get 41 people minimum to commit, we can also choose our p/u time and location as well as our drop off location in NYC.

Some Details + Ideas
The quoted fare is round trip, up and back the same day. The buses that Superior has are new with more legroom. We would take the same bus up and back so you can leave things on the bus; it is secure. You can bring breakfast and dinner with you, if you would like, leave books on the bus, etc.

Bring lunch with you to save $$ and time. Powerbars are always a good idea.

This email is also posted on Project Object if you have additions to make or general comments. I know Megan had a bunch of good suggestions. April Lewis has been to NYC several times already this semester---what have you been seeing?

Please do not RSVP to me via the Comments Feature on the blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you and spending the day in NYC with you on Saturday!

NYC or Bust! Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hooray! It is time for our annual pilgrimage to NYC.

NYC Trip, Saturday, September 27th
My Google Map of NYC for our field trips: JGrrrrl’s Guide to NYC
Bring your student ID, power bars, and comfortable [but stylish] shoes.

Here are some highlights to think about.
I am suggesting these places in order of priority.

MAD, Museum of Art and Design, mid-town
We have to go here.
It is the grand opening of their new location at 2 Columbus Circle and admission is free. This is the former American Craft Museum which was across from MOMA.

MOMA, mid-town
Home Delivery: Fabricating The Modern Dwelling
This looks like a great show and has gotten a ton of good press.

Please check out this page:

Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Rum: The Art of Appropriation
I want everyone to see this.

Projects 88:Lucy Mckenzie
Focus: Josph Beuys
Wunderkammer: A Century of Curiosities

Aaron Faber Gallery, across from MOMA

Moss, SoHo
I love Moss so we’re going! Seriously there are a lot of great places in SOHO. Seriously. I won’t disappoint you. Check out Kiosk, one of my favs: kioskkiosk.com/

Nolita, east of SoHo proper
This is the neighborhood Ann Fortune from Bluehouse mentioned to the Design and Production class during her crit. It would be easy to hit.

The Guggenheim, upper east side
The Louise Bourgeois show is closing September 28th. If anyone loves Louise B and wants to go…..GO! It will be worth it. Her work is amazing and she is an art icon. See the website for a video.

Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, upper west side
I love the CH but the shows that are of interest to me will up the next time I am in NYC. If anyone wants to go here, I am happy to go, it is a great museum and the Curators Select will nit disappoint. They have a great shop with both innovative objects as well as Amazing books.

One day is not nearly enough. I strongly encourage you to go on the NYC weekend trip that Jim Paulsen coordinates. This year it is November 7-9. You live once, there are no dress rehearsals. Make the most of your education and time on this planet. Go to New York.

NeoCon East

As we look at object design today and the hybrid designer, there are many venues that object designers can place their work in. NeoCon is a trade show organized by Merchandise Mart which started in Chicago years ago. October 29 + 30
NeoCon East will be at the Baltimore Convention Center. I am planning to go on Wednesday. Take a look and see if you are interested in learning about potential wider venues for your work or potential employment opportunities for the creative skills set. New projects like the welded steel project and lighting project are aimed at diversifying opportunities. There will also be sections and seminars of sustainable design.

The Design and Production course went on a field trip to Bluehouse, a progressive retailer focusing on sustainable design, for the first class. There we met Ann Fortune who is a primary buyer for Bluehouse. This means she visits trade shows of all kinds in addition to other buying opportunities. Ann has a primary role in Bluehouse. Making connections like this are important to your career. Ann got her MFA in Sculpture from MICA. Be aware of your own interests. Ask questions and be inquisitive how people get the jobs they get and what background they come from. What Is Product Design? by Laura Slack, is an excellent example of the objects in the marketplace today and the Profiles section does a nice job of outlining the different designers educational backgrounds in addition to what they are currently involved in. Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Learn More About The Design Worlds.

Tyvek Lighting-That's Innovative!

Heath Nash, a South African designer, designed this series of lighting made of Tyvek, an incredibly strong and lightweight material. They fold flat and expand into a honeycomb form.
Unicahome distributes them.