Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gocco.Gooco.Gocco! Join the Fun........

Gocco Mania! Today the NY Times magazine featured the article: The Cult of Gocco. Go to the NY Times website and check it out. It highlighted the website check it out. From there.....tons of Gocco info. Check it all out.

In class I said that I would post on the Object Design blog info on putting together and order for Gocco screens, ink, etc from Paper Source which has a retail space in DC. After visiting their website and seeing that they are unable to provide the screens, the key material, I found printaddictjapan on the Etsy site and ordered some screens and bulbs from them. I am happy to sell these to you, if you would like. You are also free to go on Etsy and purchase your own. I wanted to get some of these materials on their way so that we could keep moving forward with projects. If you are intersted in putting an order toegther for inks, go to the Website for Paper Source, see what is available and we can do that. I also purchased asphaltum for use with the Gocco....for any etchers that are interested. If you have suggestions and ideas, let me know.
Let's have some group Gocco work sessions and get the Gocco rolling!


Janet said...

"Art Things", in Annapolis stocks these products too (410-268-3520).
I know that Annapolis is a bit of a trek from Towson (45 mins, via the beltway, on a good day) but Art Things is a wonderful store and well worth visiting. There are some great places to eat & drink in town if you wanted a day out!

Jan Baum said...

Someone plan a field trip....sounds great! Thanks, Janet.