Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get on Second Life.

You should join Second Life. You get to make your own avatar, create a name for it, and change its looks to whatever you want. (This is what I look like) I just started with it last week and I've basically been exploring different areas within the program. So far I've found a dog that speaks french, a hoverbike shaped like R2-D2, and zombies. I know there are alot of things that Second life can be used for that could be useful for us, one being displaying virtual, objects. If you don't want to get on Second Life for yourself, do it for me, my social skills in my second life aren't that much better than my first life...i need buddies.

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Jangrrrrl said...

cool! Amy. Next time we are there together let's take a photo. Post about cool sites you visit that would be of interest to our blog readers [galleries/exhibitions, etc.] and take photos.