Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look at this! Velvet da Vinci exhibition--"also known as jewelry"

The current exhibition at Velvet da Vinci, titled also known as jewelry, features contemporary French jewelry. The following show description comes from

Contemporary jewelry, in France and abroad, is undergoing a spectacular evolution: in recent years, it has both staked out new territories of experimentation, and claimed a pivotal position between art, design and traditional craft. The title of this exhibition underlines the specificity of contemporary jewelry, and the ambiguity inherent to a craft-based, boundary-pushing practice: the work selected is thus both alien to its tradition, and well versed in its history. The selection for this touring show focused on the work of 17 artists - French, or working in France - who together make a convincing case for the vitality of this rather under-exposed part of the European contemporary jewelry community.
This project is part of the ongoing program by La Garantie, Association for Jewelry, founded in 2007 in Paimpont (France). The purpose of this association is to promote jewelry outside its primary audience of makers, collectors, and gallery owners. The aim is to increase its visibility, and encourage confrontations with amateurs and specialists alike, through various approaches: historical conceptualization, the confrontation of current practices, the promotion and critical analysis of contemporary trends. The diverse backgrounds of the association's founding members - two makers, two PhDs, one curator - reflects our ambition to establish a self-sufficient cultural `task force´ able to collaborate with both institutional and private partners.

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