Monday, May 3, 2010

Hype! Project

The Hype Project was a collaborative project investigating deliberate messages in visual media, specifically in printable 3D digital construction. Participating classes came from Towson University in Maryland, Winthrop University in South Carolina, and The University of Dundee in Scotland. By using the Second Life platform, students were able to collectively display their work in the same location despite their physical geography. 

The project objective was "To develop a conscious and deliberate message, stance or opinion based on politics, social conduct, religion, moral or ethical thinking, patriotism, etc. To design and model a brooch, tea pot, shoe, pendant that communicate a particular message, stance, or opinion, utilizing Rhino & Flamingo/Hypershot"

Lists of participating students

The student work is displayed at the Towson Innovation Lab island in Second Life; each student has a presentation board that explains their concept and process. From these boards, jurors Michael Gayk (3D Systems University) and Kreg Jones (Art Institute of Philadelphia)  selected a handful of images to be displayed in the gallery. 

Students were able to meet in Second Life for a group critique online. Rebecca Strzelec from Penn State joined us to comment on the work.

Presentation board critique

Juried gallery critique


Hype Project organized by:
 Jan Baum (Towson)
Courtney Starrett (Winthrop)
Kimberly Voigt (Towson)
Sandra Wilson (Dundee)

Guest blog post by Savanna Leigh (aka Savvy Rumble)

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