Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marcel Wanders + FastCompany

For those of you sometimes unsure about the things I am asking you to look at and read.....Marcel Wanders is gracing the cover of this year's Masters of Design issue of FastCompany. Check it out. I hope those of you who did research on him last year feel ahead of the curve, like, "yea, I know who that is, and some of what he does, and some of how he thinks." Those of you who have taken my classes know I love Fast Company magazine [and recommend Fast Company's greatest Hits- its a feel good esp. Bill Strickland's essay]. It is a magazine that is about today's world from many angles. Design is covered in almost every issue if not every issue. Whether you like Marcel Wanders or not [we rarely like everything about other people] he is worth understanding. PLEASE, check it out.

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