Saturday, September 20, 2008

NYC Logistics-Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Folks,
Our NYC Trip is this Saturday, September 27th!
Hooray! We are going to see all kinds of great stuff and have a great time together.

See Project Object,, blog post on Friday, September 19th for what to see on our trip.

I created a Google Map for our NYC trips: JGrrrrl’s Guide to NYC .
There is more to do than we can in one day so we will have top pick and choose.

Please read the following post in its entirety.

Please confirm, at your earliest convenience, your participation in this required event via one of my email accounts. I prefer you to use:

On Tuesday, September 23rd, bring a check made out to Superior Tours. Don’t fill in the amount yet. I am negotiating a price with Superior Tours- the more people that go, the better the rate.

To Charter A Bus?
In talking with the folks at Superior Tours, if we have between 41-44 people we can charter a bus with each ticket coming out to around $50. The more people that go- max is 54- the lower the fares. [If we got 54 people the fare would be $40.] According to my count we have about 22 people going. Some of you have asked about bringing friends…if we open this trip up I think we could charter the bus but it would be dependent on us to then fill it or cover the cost. So, by Tuesday at the latest, let me know if you will bring someone(s) with you. I have notified the grads so if other grad students want to come, they can grab seats also. First Come First Serve.

The downside to bringing friends is that your attention will be diverted from what I am directing your attention to, what your peers are thinking, and conversations between you and your colleagues in the program. Be aware of this and attempt to not let this slip away. Integrate your friends into the day and conversations rather than just hang out with them. A good example, is Katy’s mom. Katy’s mom loves to come on our field trips but she does so b/c she wants to learn and interact around the things that we are seeing.

If we can get 41 people minimum to commit, we can also choose our p/u time and location as well as our drop off location in NYC.

Some Details + Ideas
The quoted fare is round trip, up and back the same day. The buses that Superior has are new with more legroom. We would take the same bus up and back so you can leave things on the bus; it is secure. You can bring breakfast and dinner with you, if you would like, leave books on the bus, etc.

Bring lunch with you to save $$ and time. Powerbars are always a good idea.

This email is also posted on Project Object if you have additions to make or general comments. I know Megan had a bunch of good suggestions. April Lewis has been to NYC several times already this semester---what have you been seeing?

Please do not RSVP to me via the Comments Feature on the blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you and spending the day in NYC with you on Saturday!

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