Sunday, February 24, 2008

Discussion: Doing the Shows- Monday, February 25, 5-6pm

On Monday, February 25 from 5-6pm in CA 2006, we will have a casual discussion about various aspects of "doing the shows". Many of you assisted exhibitors at this past week's ACC show and may have questions and ideas about the shows. I have asked Megan Auman to share experiences from the New York Gift Fair which she did earlier this month which is a very different show than the American Craft Council show that we just saw last week. Megan will also share some very valuable experiences with you all about her experiences at ACC.

You are all very fortunate as undergraduate and graduate students to be able to access the big trade shows and the artists/designers who exhibit at them. The shows are a primary venue for making a living off of your work.....please be smart and learn as much as you can about this while you are a student.

I hope to see everyone there. Bring a notebook.

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