Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Design Loves a Depression

This past Sunday the Ideas & Trends was titled, Design Loves a Depression. As I read, I wondered are my students reading this? When the author mentions Rem, Zaha and Philippe, do they know who the author is referencing? When the author sites Julie Laskey and Reed Kroloff, do they know who these experts are? What about design pillars Charles and Ray Eames? In recent years I liken being a design educator to an athlete on a bosu ball, which way do I need to move now in order to stay upright in the field. I have brought them Cradle-toCradle ideas and open source design. I try to instill in my students the need to read reputable news media like The Times in order to keep their fingers on the pulse of the world in order to make what they design and make relevant. History is a great teacher. We need to know what has come before in order to be relevant and make relevant decisions. Let's hope our elected leaders believe this as well. Read On!


aquagirl210 said...

What a great article. Not that I want this depression to last a long time but I hope it last long enough to create the kind of changes predicted.

Jangrrrrl said...

me too!