Monday, August 23, 2010

One of Our Own!

Rachel has been posted!

On August 5th two of Rachel's pieces, 'I Want To Be A Gold Lobster With Blue Puffs' & ' I Want To Be A Unicorn', were posted on Marianne Gassier's blog; she loved her humor.

Marianne had pulled the two pieces from Jillian Moore's Blog on Art Jewelry Forum back in March. Jillian stated that Rachel's work was "not only a nice change from the current frenzied mining of historical ornament, but also a break from the dry, humorless autobiographical work that seems to be the loudest counterpoint on offer."

Marianne also published Rachel's tootsies along with another one of her pieces under the title "Who is this Jeweler?" on August 10th. Try to find hers among the many feet!

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