Friday, April 25, 2008

Design Pulse

I am going to try to make a series of regular posts called Design Pulse of designers, people, places to know. This is an effort to assist students in keeping their finger on the pulses of the design world. It is my hope that students will spend some time on line learning more about these pulses as a way of informing their education and their own studio practice. It is an interesting world, learn about it.

Here we go.....
Louise-Anne Comeau
Studio Job
Alexander van Slobbe
Jaime Hayon
Murray Moss
Julia Lohmann
Established + Sons
Milan Furniture Fair (Cosmit is the organizer)
ICFF- International Contemporary Furniture Fair (NYC)

These are folks I mentioned in class this semester....
Maarten Baas
Hella Jongerius
Ronan + Erwan Bouroullec
Jurgen Bey

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Jenn said...

martin baas and jurgen bey write-ups can be found on amy's blog-, Hella Jongurius can be found on Liz's blog-, and the Bouroullec brothers can be found on Jenn's blog-