Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!
This spring I took several trips to NYC. Here's what is on my Palm pilot to blog about here:
ICFF: Tons of great ideas, products, materials, attittudes; Truly an international show- work from the Danes, the Czech Republic, Italy [of course], Spain, and many more countries.
The Murakami show at the Brooklyn Museum: This work is amazing. Really.
The Whitney Biennial: have a seat, we'll talk.
MOSS rocked. The place to be. What has traditionally been known as "the decorative arts" has definitely morphed into new and exciting territory. People like stuff. Especially cool, well designed stuff.
SoHo, SoHo, SoHo: There are 4 stacks of stuff from NYC on my living room floor.
AND Design and The Elastic Mind at MOMA: Where do I start? Buy the catalog if you missed the show.

But, alas, it is now mid-July and I must get some of my own work done.

I promised some Summer Reading suggestions......
The Long Tail,
Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine
The Uncommon Life of Objects, Akiko Busch, writer for Metropolis
The Experience Economy, James Gilmore
Victor Margolin- anything he wrote on design
Understanding Design, now at Cook Library
Massive Change, Bruce Mau
Cradle to Cradle, William McDounogh and _________Brungart
And the regular favorite mags.....International Design, Metropolis, Wired, FastCompany......

Happy Summer!
Eat Fresh Tomatoes,

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