Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Live Blogging-PR 6

I DO think "holla at cha boy" should be Tim's new tag line. "Make it work was so last season." It's fashion people and fashion doesn't just apply to clothing, holla at cha boy!

Did you know that Heidi Klum's trainer is David Kirsch?

Keith: Not enough structure. I knew the
Michael Kors' comment, "toilet paper in a wind storm" was about Keith's dress.
Blayne: hideous.
Mr. Detroit: solid but not earth shattering
Emily: asymmetrical design- the problem is the placement of the ruffle
"When in doubt, keep it simple." MK
NG: No comment." MK: [that is] "the worst review"

Leanne: Great! She edited- always a smart move. "She was almost gone last week b/c she didn't edit." She heard it and implemented it. Good. Smart. Her photo: a planter grate around a tree.

Jennifer: matron! I mean MATRON. 'I don't get the surprise that surrealism brings' MK- Don't underestimate people's knowledge. Know what you are talking about before opening mouth.
HK: I'm not interested to see more. Brutal. Each project matters. Are people going to continue paying attention or are they bored? Or not engaged. Sometimes a project isn't just a project......the world is forming opinions.

Jerrell: Nice pose by the model coming out- good design.
Kelli: nice based on her image
Daniel: middle of the road
Kenley- Took a risk; I like it. Wouldn't wear it. Most telling comment, 'someone who didn't live through the 80's would love this."
Suede: ordinary
Stella: I thought it had to be dress! I can't believe she is safe on this challenge.
Terri: Okay. backless portion is the best.
I don't think the silhouette is strong. The judges loved it way more than I do. Great judge feedback. HK compliment: "You think outside the box."

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