Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway, Challenge 2

Project Runway, Challenge 2
The Challenge: designing a cocktail dress for their models, the models are the client, the models shopped for the material, and the material is eco-fabric.
Guest Judge: Natalie Portman, actor, Environmental activist who recently started a vegan line of shoes.

Words of Wisdom
Michael Kors, “Judgment is part of the design process,” said about Leann’s dress that was 5 dresses in one. She had too many ideas and she didn’t edit them. She didn’t choose between the various ideas she had, she executed all of them on one garment and its mission, the design objectives for the dress were not clear to the viewer.

Nina Garcia, ‘You have to have a personality and design from that place’ said about Kenely Collins.

Suede had some good observations on this challenge although his persistent use of the third person is annoying. “There is a reason they are having us design for our models. They want us to listen.”

Stella, “For people to even be looking at what other people are doing, while there working is nonsense b/c it distracts you and puts you on another road of thought and process. I think everyone should just keep their eyes on their own design.” When Korto is concerned with whether Wesley was copying her design approach.

Each time the designers present a design they have to also create the context within which the work is seen. This is some thing I wish other designers would do more. In this case the designers have to also create a look for the models- hair style, make-up style, etc. Correlations may be the aesthetic of Annie’s website and Megan’s booth.

Notice the sketches that the designers are working from and referring back to.

Stella: “This is not what I do,” meaning the cocktail dress and the fabrics that her client chose. In the end she did well. Her style was in the dress but it wasn’t ALL Stella. Artistic growth?

I liked Korto’s design for this challenge: it was sculptural. While I cannot disagree with Michael that a full figured woman would not want fins coming of her backside, on a thin woman, I think this design would look great. I’d wear it!

I liked Terri Stevens’ blue dress. Very classy, and visually interesting. Very wearable. Loved the neckline. Like Daniel Feld’s black dress- nice lines/form.

I loved Kenely Collins’ dress, especially that neckline….is it called a neckline when it really looks like a neckpiece?

Suede Wins
I suspected Suede would win. Because his dress functioned well- it fit the model well, it wasn’t too short, it was well-made. And on top of this, it was highly creative. This is the wining combo that the judges are basing their decisions on. The Kenely Collins, her dress was beautiful, also well made, good design, etc., but Suede’s was all of that AND very creative. This is what will set him apart as a designer in the real world. The judges are rewarding this.

For all designs produced in Challenge 2 go to Rate the Runway.


megan said...

My thoughts on the episode:

In the end, I did like Suede's dress, but I really can't stand him. If he makes much further I may have to start employing the mute button.

Ditto on the mute button for Stella - and I really can't say I like her dress at all.

I actually really liked Blayne's dress. The color wouldn't have been my first choice, but I really liked the shape with the asymmetrical collar.

I also liked Daniel's dress, it was very wearable, though not the most creative. Also, if he's having time-management issues with a simple cocktail dress, he's going to have serious trouble down the road.

I wasn't super impressed with Terri's dress coming down the runway, but looking at the photo online, I like it much better.

I wasn't surprised that Wesley got sent home. I made the comment to Joe (in regards to the brown fabric) that the judges can't nail them for fabric choice. And he responded, "but they can nail them for construction." Which is so true, you can have the very best design in the world, but if its executed poorly, its going to be awful.

David Dust said...

Suede STILL doesn't do it for me, and Stella's "Leh-tha" talk is just TOO annoying...

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.


Jan Baum said...

Suede's third person is annoying. I am willing to overlook personal idiosyncracies (sp) for talent. For a split second I thought the judges might see Suede's dress as messy but they didn't. In the last season, Christian was portrayed as coming on strong also- "I am so great". Remember, the producers are thinking about their ratings.

Stella is authentic, sincere and humble if a little stuck in one area. I am human too.

I think Daniel is a sleeper. He is talented. He is an original thinker.

Loving PR! Thanks for commenting.