Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Live Blogging-PR 4

1/2 hour to choose one image to base your design on.
$100 for materials. First time they can choose their own fabric.
40's and 50's style in her work is her aesthetic- her look as well as what she makes. Same with Stella and the leather and rock and roll.
Terri and choosing fabric- good karma! Her hand touches fabric [the first?] and it is perfect- not trouncing around, flailing.
They have until 1am to make their designs, one long day.
If one more designer says, "I'm gonna show the judges who I am as a designer I am going to hurl. [Duh!]
The guy from Detroit says that one of the designers' dress looks like Ft. Lauderdale lawn furniture-y [Kennely?]- that sounds kinda cool.
I don't mean to be petty but, Miss Portland, comb your hair! She is so undesigner looking. Successful designers exude their style.
Stella seeing the horse's blinder.
Blayne is getting a little edgy.

"Suede is here to rock it. Sued has decided on a shirt dress."

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