Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Johns Hopkins Library- Homewood Campus

The Johns Hopkins library on the Homewood campus has a lot of great books on contemporary art jewelry. Many feature European work. Not being part of JHU, we cannot check the books out but we can use them. JHU library has nice quality xerox machines. Do they have scanners? If you have a digital camera, you could snap images and save ink and trees. Old habits die hard. This is a nice neighborhood...a great place to get coffee and a treat for being dedicated to your studies.

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beth said...

Just bring your license with you - you'll go through a security check, they'll photocopy your id and then go to the elevators to the left. You'll need to get a copy card to use the copiers - the little room full of machines is on the main floor across from the entrance and down to the left a little. I don't know about scanners, but DAMN they have a good art section!