Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chinese Art, In One Man's Translation- NY Times TH 9.7

There was a great article in the NY Times on Thursday titled, "Chinese Art, In One Man's Translation". Check it out on line at Anyone with an email address containing ".edu" can access the Times Select portion of the the NY Times website and search articles back to 1981. The article I mention here has some great descriptions of what sounds like moving work. I am going to start posting the actual articles on the BB outside of CA 2015. I think it would be enjoyable to form a monthly discussion group where we (alumni and current students) get together at a place like Golden West to discuss things we read or saw over the previous month. Thoughts?


RDortzbach said...

I would love that interaction. How about on a mon or wed night? Could it also be a time where we could discuss the books we have been reading in class as well? I am excited

Jan Baum said...

Sure. Do you want to set it up? April will probably be in.

I am going to add you as an author on the Project Connect+ blog (alumni). You can choose to involve them as little or as much as you want. They want to be involved but no pressure. This is your educational experience.

Yea! I love this stuff.

eadoma1 said...

I checked out the core77 sight. thought it was interesting. I like the tips to a better critique. Building a light tent idea for photographing work also seemed useful.