Saturday, September 8, 2007

Metalsmithing On Line Discussion Group- University Level

Please join/subscribe to ACMET-L, Tyler School of Art's listserve discussion group.
The Tyler School of Art has strong art programs, and the Metals/Jewelry and CAD/CAM programs are very forward loking. You will benefit from reading and *participating* in these discussions. The list is underway for this school year and already there have been some interesting things discussed. ACMET-L is a way of expanding our learning opportunities, personally and for the field. Just like reading the Times regularly keeps you in touch with what is happening in the world, ACMET-L offers a way of keeping your finger on a different pulse. If you find yourself not appreciating the discussion that others put forward, then put subjects forward that are interesting to you. Our field needs strengthening; especially from the next round of practitioners.....there truly is no better time to start. Academic Metals Discussion List

For help, archives or management of your subscription go to:

It has been years since I subscribed, I believe you go to the site above, reply and put "subscribe" in the body of the email and hit send. Your email address is attached via the email itself. Do it now in case you have trouble, you won't miss too much. Work together: two heads are better (and more efficient) than one!
Do it today. I will be looking for your posts.
See you on ACMET-L,

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