Saturday, September 20, 2008

Design Blogs...Lead to Jobs and NYTimes Coverage

Some of you saw the article in the NYTimes this past week on design bloggers. In case you missed click
here. I'll use this as an opportunity to [finally] post my design blog list although I didn't take time to update it.

Highlights from NY Times Article
Design Sponge
Apartment Therapy
Cool Hunting

Design Blog List

Design Observer
Speak Up


Design Boom

Core 77 blog
New Jewellery-
Extreme Craft-
Redefining Craft-
Craft Research-

Recommended by Others
oh joy!-


spray glue-

Karin’s Style blog-

Artist’s Blogs

Abigail Percy-

Karen Gelardi-

Juliet Ames (Towson alum) -

Annie Chau (Towson alum) -

Diana Fayt-

Megan Auman-

Follow blog links- the blogs listed on other's sites.

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