Friday, September 12, 2008

Hash Take Aways, Arthur Hash

I really enjoyed the lecture and after party with
Arthur Hash last night.
Here are my take aways and some favs.
Everything is fodder for his work. His eye is constantly looking. His work seems simple and I don't mean this in a pejorative way.
He returns to the basics design principles as a way of developing work.
[Why do students resist the very basics of design? And practicing strong design skills? Students cannot usually name the principles and elements of design yet these are the very foundation of their creative profession. Seems silly. Or foolish. Is this different in a design school?]
His work is strong in terms of visual design.
One things leads to another; not fuss, no muss. Well, I suspect there is "muss" Arthur just doesn't interpret the muss as "muss".
He is curious. Calm and curious. "Hey, what if I dripped this left over material on a surface and see what happens?"
Self-judgment and censorship seem to be held at bay.
He has fun and enjoys his work And doesn't take things too seriously.
He is resourceful again not allowing potential obstacles to become obstacles. The necklace made of hot glue was gorgeous. Which materials are available, affordable to make work from. If IU had supplied metal for students, how would Hash's future have been effected?
His visual eye is strong. He can see ideas in things. The Pig's Ear Bracelet.
He seems to just go through his life, having or creating his life. Pick up pig;'s ears for his dog and, "oh, hey, art material." It is his trained eye [and calm mind] that allows for this.
Frequently asks and acts on, "What can this material do?"
Jewelry, installation, sculpture, wallpaper, prints.....Which limits do we self-impose?
How do we set our selves up or limit ourselves?

Bookmark Arthur.
Here's his blog, The Art Escape Plan.

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