Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Links and Blogs-IP

I just returned from a great conference [international, first time it was held in the USA] focusing on using new forms of digital technology in art and design curricula. One speaker was an attorney from Duke. I will post more about the conference and am happy to share info over lunch on a T/TH but for now: when you lift an image from the web give attribution using a hot link, at the very least. It is simple: copy the URL from the blog you are on and after using text in your blog post referencing the site/source, select it and hit the link button at the top of the blog post window next to the text color. This will open a new mini window where you cn paste the URL. Violá.

I have mentioned Creative Commons and Copy Left in classes last eyar and posted some info on Project Object last year. Please make a point to go to the Creative Commons website and educate yourself about CC. Copyright is something that we need to talk about more.....but where and when. perhaps our blogs and casual conversations is a good place to start. I used to teach a year-long Professional Practices course and served on the board of directors for an artists and lawyers group so I am pretty familiar with copyright law. With new developments in digital technology, the game has changed quite a bit and will continue to evolve.

Question: What is IP?

As always, educate yourself.

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