Friday, September 5, 2008

Meeting + Getting Started in Second Life

Okay! Some of you are in Second Life. I have offered you friendship in SL which will connect us there.

You will automatically start on Orientation Island. You will only be here once. There is a short tutorial here. Help island is usually your next stop. There are tutorials and demos here as well as mentors on duty. If you have already logged on and off then you can go to the public Orientation Island and the public Help Island. Collect and keep the notecards you receive from Help Island.
The Free Dove has lots of free clothing.

A great way to start in SL is at the New Media Consortium's Orientation [108, 122, 39]. The region is NMC but you can type the coordinates in also. My office hours will be held at the Waterside Cafe in NMC and right near the Orientation area. I recommend walking to the Cafe but if you get lost or confused the coordinates are 62.166,28. I included a photo here of me at the Waterside Cafe so you can recognize it when you get there.

As I said in classes, I use SL like I would the real world- investigating the same interests. I have spent time on Better World Island and the Sundance Island [Sundance Channel]

Here are some additional resources/leads:

Just like life, "It's your virtual world what you do with it up to you".

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