Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Queen Fun

I love what I do if you couldn't tell. Tonight since I was brain dead, I decided to catch up on PR. I am about 3 episodes behind. So, Good Queen Fun it was. I loved how far out of the comfort zone this challenge was. A dressmaker or fashion designer is not necessarily a costume designer. What would the equivalent be for us as object makers or whichever specialization we might have? This was a stretch. It is good to stretch.

Oh, this reminds me of the perennial comment, "jewelry is just small sculpture". No, in fact it isn't. It has a very specific tradition and a unique relationship to the body. There is common ground: variety of materials, three dimensionality.....but there is also a rich history and an intimate relationship with people's psyche and life.

I am particularly fascinated by the introduction of the client/models as women then the fitting as men and then the final product on women. I don't know what kind of wrench that would throw me as a designer but as a viewer I was trying hard to connect the dots. [And one guy wasn't wearing any pants when he left the fitting! Did you see that?]

I noticed that we didn't see the in-progress review of all the designers. "What is Stella up to?" was one thought.

I like Suede's outfit for Hedda Lettuce the best aesthetically. And that was an interesting dynamic between the two of them. Head Case, Hedda Lettuce.

The transformations from men to drag queens is fascinating to me. Transformation. It reminds me of an article a friend gave me years ago, Gay, Straight, We're All Just Acting". It was about how we all play the roles we cast ourselves in.

I loved Terri's product for Acid Betty. So creative and edgy but she made it all work. Gene Simmons and Diana Ross's love child. I think she should have won. I liked Mr. Detroit's product and I think he is a good, self-effacing designer but Terri took the bigger risk and she made it work.

I am so over Keith. He has no goods. He should have gone before Daniel. is true they keep giving him the information but he is unable to hear it. [I wonder what I am not able to hear.] He said, "sequins? I'd throw up." But the challenge was not about HIM. Designers are problem solvers. Unless they are independently wealthy, then they can afford to just design for themselves and their friends.

Kato and Sweetie! This is an excellent example of connecting. The dress without Sweetie is a costume. Kato "got" Sweetie. Together they made this piece sing and the judges heard it. Jewelry is just a piece of jewelry until it connects with the psyche of the wearer and that individual wears that jewelry. Same with objects. When we fall in love with the object and put that object in our environment, the object sings.

I love design.

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